Saturday 26 April 2008

10 - The Mistake

In this episode we start off by hearing about and from, a real life hero, Ernest Shackelton, an artic explorer.

The Book "South" mentioned is available as text from Project Gutenberg.

"South" is also available as a free audio book from Librivox.

We also hear a Mythos poem written by listener Jamie Patton called "The City Without Time", and read by Laura Charles ( look on YouTube for OHSIS ). I really enjoyed this poem, and the one to come!

The musical interlude is a 1928 track called "Come right in" by Cannons Jug Stompers.

The main attraction for todays episode is a story written by RL Burt and is called "The Mistake". This story has been previously broadcast on the authors own podcast called "Come, Let Me Whisper", where he's been broadcasting his own horror writing for about 2 years. You can find that here...

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