Saturday 4 October 2008

29 - The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath Part 5

In todays show we continue the reading of Lovecrafts' The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadadth, part 5.

The music is from 1924 and is called Dum Dora by Bully Murray.

For the history segment we hear about the stock market crash of 1929.

Remember to google for "cat and cthulhu". :) Hey, that ryhmes!

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Roland Wieffering said...

Hello Felbrigg,

Good to hear you'r going weekly,I thouht the podcast 'The Fairy Ring' was a great podcast. About the mushroom god, cool stuff.
The beginning about the Chicago gangsters was great as well.
And a good reading from, uh wat's her name. Can't wait for the rest of your podcasts.
The best of luck,

The Netherlands

Old Man Parker said...

Great Googily Moogily! This is damn good story. Love it Love Love it!
( and I guess H.P. was a cat person. )

Anonymous said...

great show! I was wondering what the song you use at the start of your show. Thanks.
New Orleans La.