Saturday 6 December 2008

37 - The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath Part 11

That's right today we continue with part 11 of H.P. Lovecrafts "The Dream Quest Of Unknown Kadath". Our hero feels that he might actually be able to see his objectivte and starts to question why some parts of the Earthly dream scape are forbidden.

We also continue the reading of "Through the Brazillian Wilderness" and have a musical number to break things up.

Can you write like Lovecraft? The Dream Quest is nearing it's end and I'm looking for story authors who think they have a lovecraft like story. If you think you might have a story to suit this podcast, please get in touch and let's see if we can use it on the show. If you have any creepy or scary story set in or around the 1920s or anything that includes elements of the Cthulhu mythos, then please get in touch!

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