Saturday 29 May 2010

No show this week

As you may remember I was ill during the recording of the last show. Well, alas I'm still not fully recovered. I feel fine but my head is still full of goey stuff and that makes my recordings sound very poor. Something to do with the air not circulating through my nostrils I guess.

So. No show. Sorry.

However I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has brought a copy of Charles Dexter Ward audio book. So far ten people have taken the plunge, and stuck me in their ears. I've used the money to buy some paint, with which I'm decorating my flat. Thankyou, its really appreciated. :)


L said...

Hope you are feeling better. If it's the thing that's going around here, it's 2 weeks of miserable followed by improvement, then a slight dip downward again. That, and lots and lots of phlegm...

Anonymous said...

No problem man! I really enjoyed the reading and listen to it when driving or putting together the current weeks adventure for the Cthulhu game I run, or just any time. The audio book makes it easy. I was wondering if there was a way to get with the lady that read the Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath, Maureen I think it was, and do an audio book of that as well? Keep up the great work and I hope you feel better soon.

pamela said...

just a thank you for your work. I enjoy listening to you and will link your blog everywhere I can.
you have the best reading voice for this material I've ever heard. I never tire of listening to you.
again, thank you.