Friday 3 December 2010

Helen Kane Special

Cthulhu Podcast brings you the Helen Kane special! Who's Helen Kane you ask? She was a big hit back in the 20's becoming an instant hit with the Flapper culture.

In this non-story episode I present a musical bio of Helen Kane.

Helen's Wiki page, download her music, download the movie Dangerous Nan McGrew.

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sapperjoe said...


I have never posted before on your blog, but have been following it for a long time. Excellent work and I really enjoy it. I finally got around to convincing myself to leave a comment.

I have not listen to the Helen Kane special yet, but will so. I have always been a big Helen Kane fan since I was a kid. My grandmother would listen to her records and the local TV station used to show her movies and the Betty Bebop cartoons on when I was a kid. So, this will be a treat to me. And a very big thanks to the links to the free movie and songs. I never thought to see if anything out there on the free archives.

Thanks again,