Saturday 14 January 2012

118 - Found Manuscript

This weeks episode is all story.  It's called "Found Manuscript", written by David Lindblad (of the Fist Full of Podcasts podcast) and narrated by Wayne June.

Listen, enjoy and tell a friend.

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This story is now available on the Kindle



Mac said...

This was one of the best guest pieces ever! It was masterfully read and a wonderful story. I couldn't stop listening

FFOP Radio said...

Can I quote you on that?

Mac said...

Please !

Bernard Yin said...

I second Mac's comment.I second Mac's comment.

homestar328 said...

This story really is superb. I made the mistake of listening to it right before bedtime -- boy was I sorry. But that didn't stop me from listening to it again the next night.

Unknown said...

I love stories with that distinct Lovecraftian feel. Frequently I get the sense that the arc of such stories do not do justice to the beautifully crafted atmosphere of consternation, anxiety and terror- NOT THE CASE HERE!!

Excellent story and finely written.

Great reading as well!

Roland Wieffering said...

This belongs undoubtly to the very best stories ever to appear on the Cthulhu Podcast. And Wayne June is ot more like of my favorite readers. So, full marks on both accounts. Hope you'll post more like this.