Saturday 13 February 2016

216 - The King in Yellow, part 30

Yo, I is back wiv mo podcastiness.  Herm, excuse me. I mean to say. Well, chaps here's the next entirely predictable episode of the Cthulhu podcast. Kings wearing yellow and lucky Hanney's abound!

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Faustroll said...

Thanks a thousands for your keen eye on text selection and your voice. Do you plan to release a 'King in Yellow only' version of your readings, or should I start slicing up your podcasts to do so myself ?

Felbrigg said...

Assuming I live long enough to finish recording it, TKIY will be an audiobook once it's complete. :)

Unknown said...

Hello sir!

This is sort of unrelated to this episode but I was wondering if I could have a list of all the songs you use in this podcast?

I'm a musician and would like to try and study some of them.

I'm sorry, I feel like I'm asking a lot of you. I just noticed that most episodes don't contain the song in the description.

As always thank you for the excellent storytelling!

-Forrest Hedger

Felbrigg said...

Search for the artist's names on "" and you'll find all of the tracks :)