Wednesday 28 August 2019

298 - The Night Land, part 37

Eh up,

Episode 298 is here with a BOOM! ready, here it comes....


Not sure that was worth the wait. However, this episode includes the penultimate episode of the book "South" and we're only a couple of episodes away from finishing "The Night Land" too.

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Les said...

Great work in the current series. Long time listener. Your diction is excellent and reads are entertaining, and rarely do I note a stray error in pronunciation, but in "The Night Land," Hodgson often repeats phrases like, "after that we had eat and drunk..." I think it was most often repeated in CEP297. While we might write, "we ate and drank," more than a century ago, apparently the past tense of eat was "eat," (or ate) and pronounced "et." There's a discussion of it here:

I doubt that it's worth a revision in the audio--just an observation. Now, I think it's time for some victuals (pron. "vittles"). ;)