Wednesday 25 June 2008

20 - The Demon Tree

In todays episode I have broken from format to present a single episode from an old radio show called "Dark Fantasy". The story presented is dark and creepy, and is a good representative member of the series.

The whole of the "Dark Fantasy" series can be downloaded legally and for free.

I dont plan to make a habit of presenting radio programmes in this way, but I thought the show was very good and worth sharing.

Download the show


Monday 23 June 2008

Something different up next...

The next episode of the podcast will be a little different... okay, totally different. It should drop into the feed in the next few days.

Sunday 15 June 2008

19 - Memory/The Thing in the Shadows

In todays episode I have a number of things to present. We start out with the history segment which is an overview of the 1927 Mississippiiiisssiisppsisip Flood.
Moving Pictures of the Flood taken at the time.

The music for this episode is called "Slave to the Blues" and is performed by Ma Rainey.

Following that we have a musical redition of H.P. Lovecrafts's "Memory". This has been produced by N Pendleton of the NPendelton Studio.

Finally the story for today comes from Andrew Duncan and is called "The Thing in the Shadows".

Download the show.

Wednesday 11 June 2008


Welcome stranger...[drool]... to this here...[french mannerism]... podcast. I have ...[squint]... a message from master. [slurp] ... [burp] ... he says that a new podcast ... [twitch] .. will be posted in a few ...[slurp] ... days. All of the content ... [another french mannerism] .. is recorded and just needs editing.