Saturday 29 May 2010

No show this week

As you may remember I was ill during the recording of the last show. Well, alas I'm still not fully recovered. I feel fine but my head is still full of goey stuff and that makes my recordings sound very poor. Something to do with the air not circulating through my nostrils I guess.

So. No show. Sorry.

However I would like to say a big thankyou to everyone who has brought a copy of Charles Dexter Ward audio book. So far ten people have taken the plunge, and stuck me in their ears. I've used the money to buy some paint, with which I'm decorating my flat. Thankyou, its really appreciated. :)

Sunday 16 May 2010

79 - The Willows - Chapter 1

In this episode you hear me with a cold, but fortunately I had recorded the main feature before the cold took hold. So today we have a 1928 musical number that has Bing crosby on vocals and then its straight into part 1 of "The Willows" by Algernon Blackwood.

Download the show


Sunday 2 May 2010

78 -The Color Out of Space

In this episode you'll get to hear the next part of "Through the Brazillian Wilderness" and get to hear a little of Cherrie's more flamboyant past.

Also you get to hear a 1924 country track.

The feature this episode is an audio dramatisation of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Color Out of Space" as presented by the awesome Atlanta Radio Theatre Company. They present dramas of all kinds and occasionally fall into a Lovecraft adaption.

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