Sunday 22 September 2013

158 - The Wrong Side of the Tracks, part 5

Today's the day when we start a new historical novel. Instead of an expedition of exploration I'm trying something a little different. I'm starting a regimental history covering the Durham Light Infantry from 1915 to 1918.

As well as that, of course, we continue with T.C. Mcqueen's wonderful "The Wrong Side of the Tracks".

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Anonymous said...


Im a long time listener and I had all the episodes downloaded. Recently I had a computer crash and went to re-download them from the archive link on the left. It told me that "This item might have been deleted, expired, or you might not have permission to view it. Contact the owner of this item for more information. "

Is there a special way to access the archive?

Felbrigg said...

I've recently moved them, check the link on the site.

Callum said...

I've got all of them stored on hard drive, I could probably bung them on a couple of DVD's and post them to you if you get desperate.

Also, that sounds like a dodgy agent that they meet in the town. Special agent Herriot indeed. :)

Unknown said...

I love how the writer gives you a nod. F. N. Harriot. FNH. He must be a "long time listener" too. :)