Sunday 27 June 2010

81 - The Willows part 3

Shakin' up the format today. The show is the main feature, part 3 of "The Willows", topped and tailed with music from the 20's, with the final track being something a little bit special.

I mentioned that I'm after story submissions here are the guidelines.

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Tuesday 22 June 2010

FNH Interviewed on FistFullOfPodcasts

I was interviewed ( read "had a bit of a chat" ) on the FistFullOfPodcasts podcast. We chatted and even mentioned this show a few times :)

Fist Full of Podcasts"


Wednesday 16 June 2010

Announcing the Dream Quest of Unkown Kadath audio book

A while back I ran one of Lovecraft's bigger stories on the podcast, "The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath". This post is a belated announcement of the stories release as an MP3 Audio book. The story was read for us by Maureen O'Brien and is now collected into a single downloadable format.

This audio book is exactly the same as that you've already heard here on the podcast. The only difference being that there is nothing but the story in this audio book book, no music, no promos, nothing else.


Sunday 13 June 2010

80 - The Willows chapter 2

In todays Cthulhu podcast you get to hear the next part of "Through the Brazillian Wilderness" and a 1921 cylinder recording! Then the main feature is the second part of "The Willows", where the "creepy" starts creeping.

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