Sunday 28 December 2014

188 - The King in Yellow, part 2

Welcome cult followers to the 188th podcast. We're closing in on the 200th show, and I've been planning something not-special for the bicentenary. I've been looking over the old shows looking for clips that I won't include in a clip show and those little out-takes that always make clip-shows so dull. So stay tuned for a perfectly ordinary 200th show!

Anyway back to today's show. I continue with the WWI drama Greenmantle, and move into the second part of the first story from The King in Yellow.

Download, enjoy!

Sunday 14 December 2014

187 - The King in Yellow, part 1

Wowzers! It's episode 187 and today we're starting on the adventure known as "The King in Yellow". It'll be long journey, but ultimately satisfying.

The show includes the next part of the WWI adventure Greenmantle, a piece of music from 1926 and the opening segment of the classic The King in Yellow.  So download, plug-in and enjoy.

Download the show.