Monday 26 May 2008

18 - The Red Room

In this episode of the Cthulhu Podcast I have the usual menu of three items for you.

First up I have details of a 1920s gangster known as Fred "Killer" Burke.

Then we have a musical interlude, a track called "Just Breezing Along with the Breeze" by the Adrian Schubert Band, recorded in 1926.

And last up, we have a creepy story from H.G. Wells called "The Red Room".

I'm now looking for listener submissions. If you have written a scary or creepy story set in or around the 1920s or have a story set any time using elements of the Cthulhu / Lovecraftian mythos, then please get in touch ( email on the left ).

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Sunday 25 May 2008


Fear yee not, listeners of this 'ere 'odcast. For tha vines are speakin' words of a new episode in tha warks!

Monday 5 May 2008

17 - The Yellow Sign

The usual three segments in todays show.

We open with a bit of history, details of the Rosewood Massacre that took place in 1923.

Then we hear a 1926 track by the Golden Gate Orchestra called "When the Red Red Robin".

Todays feature story if called "The Yellow Sign" and is one of the short stories in the book "The King in Yellow".

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