Monday 24 August 2009

63 - Three Drink Memory

This week we take a break from Mr Lovecraft and instead indulge in a great piece of Lovecraftian Mythos muckin' about!

The featured story today is called "Three Drink Memory" written by Dafydd Nicklin-Dunbar. It a fun little story that mixes and matches a detective story with well known elements of the mythos and comes up with a story that'll be fun for all Lovecraft fans.

Download the Show

The Drabblecast which recently ran a Lovecraft special.

The Lovecraft Literay podcast, worth a listen.

The final music I featured today was a track called "The Rise" by Irokez which you can legally download from here.


Minisquint said...

This may have been my favorite of all the podcasts! From Teddy Roosevelt's intelligent commentary about camouflage and evolution, to the return of the Whatleys in "Three Drink Memory", I loved every minute! The story reminded me of "Sticks" by Karl Wagner. Here's a link about the first Mythos story I ever read, and that may have inspired The Blair Witch Project:

TrueWill said...

Wow - someone else has read "Sticks"! I love that story.

I found "Three Drink Memory" to be a rousing good story, and highly entertaining. Gamers in particular may find inspiration in it.

There was a small glitch in the audio during the conversation with the crazy woman; it might have been my iPod, though.


Mouldy Squid said...

Thank you both for the nice words. This story has been sitting in my files for awhile waiting for the right market. I am glad that you enjoyed "Three Drink Memory".

Dafydd Nicklin-Dunbar

Felbrigg said...

It was a great read too. As to the glitch, that was my gaff, I've corrected and reuploaded, but you may need to do a direct download as iTunes tends to cache these things.

Mouldy Squid said...

I have to say that the voice for Curwen was not just right, but perfect! The right mix of growl, rasp and hate.