Monday 19 December 2016

238 - The Lair of the White Worm, part 2

Well hello there listeners, can you guess what's in this week's episode? I bet you can, because its always the same! Yep, it's me narrating two chapters from two books, in this case The Lost World, and The Lair of the White Worm. Download, listen, and by order of the management enjoy!

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Sunday 4 December 2016

237 - The Lair of the White Worm, part 1

Here's yet another episode of the show, and in today's presentation we start a new classic tale by Bram Stoker, The Lair of the White Worm. Of course the Professor Challenger story continues too, so, download, slip it into your player and close your eyes as you listen to the next episode of the Cthulhu podcast.

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Monday 21 November 2016

236 - The Call of Cthulhu, final part

Well it's a wee bit late (nothing new there) but here's the episode containing the final part of Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu. As I was narrating this, I again put some thought into the common pronunciation of Cthulhu. Most people have settled on ka-thoo-loo, yet it is supposed to be the nearest written english can get to how it sounds, and I'd suggest that if it was supposed to sound like ka-thoo-loo, you wouldn't write it Cthulhu.  I'm sure it's supposed to be more obscure.

Anyway, download the show and stick 60 minutes or more of me into your ear.

Thursday 10 November 2016

235 - The Call of Cthulhu, part 2

A few days late, but I hope you'll forgive me :)  Today's show includes the second part of CoC and chapter 8 of The Lost World.

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Monday 24 October 2016

234 - The Call of Cthulhu, part 1

Well it's come round again, it's time for a new narration of THE Lovecraft story, "The Call of Cthulhu".  The show also includes the next chapter of "The Lost World".

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Sunday 9 October 2016

233 - The Ghost Pirates, final part

Here's another episode of the second best show on the internet, which includes the last chapter and appendix of The Ghost Pirates, as well as next part of The Lost World. Quick, stick it in your ear-hole. 

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Sunday 25 September 2016

232 - The Ghost Pirates, part 15

Here's what you've been waiting for (maybe) the next podcast episode! In here, I continue both The Ghost Pirates and The Lost World.  Download and enjoy :)

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Sunday 11 September 2016

231 - The Ghost Pirates, part 14

Here's the 231st episode of the podcast. Download and you get just about and hour of Felbrigg in your ear!...That sounded odd. Please download, two longer segments today, The Ghost Pirates, and The Lost World

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Monday 29 August 2016

230 - The Ghost Pirates, part 13

There's something...down there... moving beneath us...

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Sunday 14 August 2016

229 - The Ghost Pirates, part 12

And here's the next episode of the podcast that's the best kept secret on the interwebs!

More Lost World adventure and Ghosty Pirateness for you to enjoy.

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228 - The Ghost Pirates, part 11

Wow, so I finally published this episode? Yeah, two weeks late. I recorded it, proofed it, uploaded it, and completely forgot to publish it. What a doofus! Anyway, lets move on shall we :)

Well something a bit different in this week's show. I 'm starting a new story, a classic, and a change from Hanney's adventures. This week starts with a little Doyle for you to enjoy, The Lost World.

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Sunday 17 July 2016

227 - The Ghost Pirates, part 10

Yo, whasup ma cthulhites?

Let me tell you. It's another Cthulhu podcast and the launch of my Patreon account.

Download, listen to the show for lots of storied goodness.

Sunday 3 July 2016

226 - The Ghost Pirates, part 9

Hiya!  Here's the next episode of the Cthulhu Podcast. Including Mr Standfast, some old world music, and The Ghost Pirates. Go on...stick it in your ear.

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Sunday 19 June 2016

225 - The Ghost Pirates, part 8

Yeah, baby! Here's to another quarter century of podcasts...that is...25 podcasts. Anyway the good stuff continues with more William Hope Hodgeson.  Horror stories and adventure all for your aural enjoyment.

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Monday 6 June 2016

224 - The Ghost Pirates, part 7

The Cthulhu podcast is back with more exciting WWI action, and creepy happenings at sea where Jessop starts seeing a strange mist.

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Monday 23 May 2016

223 - The Ghost Pirates, part 6

Howdy, boys and girls, here's the next exciting episode of the show, with ghosties and that a word? 

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Sunday 8 May 2016

222 - The Ghost Pirates, part 5

Howdy ho! Another episode of the podcast, and today we get Mary's story and things turn nasty in our age of sail story.

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Sunday 24 April 2016

221 - The Ghost Pirates, part 4

Here's a biggie! Longer than the usual show but every bit as good. Action and adventure with Mr Hanney and mysterious dark ghostly pirates coming out of the water. Hows that for one show!

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Sunday 10 April 2016

220 - The Ghost Pirates, part 3

Here's the next cheery episode featuring evil spys and ghostly pirates! Who could ask for anything more? Mr Hanney follows the orders of his American chum, and Tammy stays quiet when the second lieutenant  on the ship sees a shadow.

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Monday 28 March 2016

219 - The Ghost Pirates, part 2

To the more observant of my listeners I issue an apology for naming last week's episode "The Ghost Ship" when it should have been "The Ghost Pirates." Ooops.

Here's this week's offering, More Richard Hanney and more Pirates!

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Sunday 13 March 2016

218 - The Ghost Piates, part 1

It's time to kick off a new story, this time, The Ghost Pirates by WH Hodgeson. Of course we're opening with the next part of Richard Hanney's adventure, and it's all good :)

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Sunday 28 February 2016

217 - The King in Yellow, final part

Here's the final part of The King in Yellow, a story I've been running since 2014, it's been a long long ride. Also of, course some music to delight, and the next part of Mr Standfast.

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Saturday 13 February 2016

216 - The King in Yellow, part 30

Yo, I is back wiv mo podcastiness.  Herm, excuse me. I mean to say. Well, chaps here's the next entirely predictable episode of the Cthulhu podcast. Kings wearing yellow and lucky Hanney's abound!

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Monday 25 January 2016

215 - The King in Yellow, parts 28 and 29

Here's the next bit of the podcast. Doubled up no-less on the King in Yellow! Hope you like it.

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Sunday 10 January 2016

214 - The King in Yellow, part 27

Here's episode 214, with part 27 of The King in Yellow. Part 27, means this book has been running on the podcast for over a year. If you've listened all the way through that, well you're a better man than me! That's real dedication on your part, well done you! Chapter 12 of Mr Standfast opens today's show, so between them you're on for a good show.

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