Sunday 8 March 2009

48 - The Well

In todays episode we are back on format! We start with the next section of Teddy Roosevelts book "through the Brazillian Wilderness".

Then we have a musical interlude. A 1923 track called "shake your feet" by Fletch Henderson.

The main feature is a story worthy of Mr Lovecraft himself, in this case written for us by Robert Evans, the story is called "The Well".

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Bruce Nielson said...

I loved the story this week. (Just barely listened to it.) A very talented writer. The ready was good too. It was highly reminiscent of Lovecraft's style only with some legitimate characterization. Better than Color out of Space.

Anonymous said...

One of the best Cthulhu mythos stories i have ever heard. This podcast bring me nothing but enjoyment and i look forward to more from this author should there come any.

Roland Wieffering said...

Indeed a very good story. A worthy follow up of The Colour Out Of Space.