Monday 2 May 2011

101 - The Mask of Romek, part 2

This week the episode contains no history and no music, it's all story again, as we finish off the fantastic story of "The Mask of Romek" by T.C. McQueen

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James said...

Agents Lee and Lifeson?!? Sounds like someone's a Rush fan. Great story -- you've done it again, FMH!

T.C. McQueen said...

For those who are interested this story is online at

with a slightly different ending.

Work is ongoing on the next adventure of John and the Doc.

Black Cavalier said...

The best new fiction piece you've presented, & you've had some very good ones already.

Hats off to Mr McQueen & will definately be searching out his work.

Callum said...

By golly, that was a good story!