Wednesday 8 December 2010

Scott Sigler

I was delighted to hear Scott Sigler play a promo for this podcast in the latest episode of his podcast. Scott is a professional author who podcasts his novels for free while selling the hardcopy books at the same time.

His novels are hard hitting horror, with blood n guts flying in all directions. I've been listening to his show for years and highly recommend it to all my listeners.

Be warned, his horror is more visceral than anything you would hear here.

Thanks Scott

Scott Sigler's podcast.



Scott Sigler said...

You're welcome, and clear sailing with your cast. Except for when the Old Ones block out the sun, of course, then you're screwed.

Bernard Yin said...

The cthulhupodcast is worthy of great accolades. I've had a bit of a Love/Hate thing with Scott's works but he'd probably want it that way. There are some fresh ideas and his pedal-to-the-metal style and attitude put me on the "I'm a fan" side of the fence. Getting a nod from Scott is very cool.

Unknown said...

I'm checking it out. Thanks for the link!